Kaarel Veike: WordPress saved my life

(Sesión en inglés)

Owner of creative agency iPenelo (ipenelo.com) and a video company VideoPartner (videopartner.eu). Founder of the very popular educative social networking site for Estonian parents (Nupsu.ee). He is also involved with several NPO’s.

Kaarel has worked on WordPress themes and plugins with developers and designers from across the world (Pakistan, India, Portugal, Malaysia etc.). He is working with companies from the very early stage to help plan and execute the best possible strategy for the web.

Kaarel is speaking about the time of crises in business and in life. It’s a personal story of how he managed to keep moving on when it felt like it’s only getting worse. The things he learned and the things that happened in his life during these crazy times.

Kaarel says that WordPress saved his life but the story is not only about WordPress.

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